wathiq performance

2019.03.09 - 2019.03.09

PERFORMANCE: Wathiq Al-Ameri

Performance in collaboration with Live Action Gothenburg

This performance is organized in collaboration with Live Action Gothenburg - International Performance Art Festival
Wathiq Al-AmeriWathiq Al-Ameri is an Iraqi artist living in Zurich. He studied at the Bagdad Arts Academy. In 1994 he decided to set off on an Odyssey with his childhood friend Ali Al-Fatlawi. With false papers and just three US dollars in their pockets they crossed the border into Jordan, continued to Sudan, took a truck through the Sahara into Libya, and from there to Switzerland. Al-Ameri and Al-Fatlawi later graduated from the F+F Art and Media Academy in Zurich. Where they also found the studio Urnamo to develop their collective work. Al-Ameri says his performance is designed to develop images, but also moments without images where everything disappears to only remain in our memories. 
When? Saturday 9/3 at 15 - 16