2018.05.02 - 2018.05.02


How to make a photograph using no camera and no chemicals.

Note: the workshop is now fully booked.

“Photography is here presented as something to be looked at,
not through, and to be made, not taken”. 

- Geoffrey Batchen, The Art of the Cameraless Photograph.

In this workshop we will look into cameraless photography and different ways to make a photograph without a camera. The workshop is led by students exhibiting in the exhibition Next to the ocean who will also introduce cameraless photography and how different artist have explored this concept in their practices. During the workshop you will get to try different practical experiments using both digital and analogue processes. After wards you will be able to bring your art work home with you.

Time & Place

When: Wedneday May 2nd from 17.00-20.00
Where: The Annex, 2nd floor at Röda Sten Konsthall
For: All ages are welcome (but children up to age 15 should be accompanied by an adult)
Cost: Included in the entrance fee 
Registration: Yes, limited number of participants! Sign up by sending an email to es@rodastenkonsthall.se

Looking forward to see you!
Students from the Photography program (BA3) at Valand Academy.

Photo: Cecilia Helsing