2019.04.27 - 2019.04.27

Opening: This is not a Departure Hall

This is not a Departure Hall is this year's degree show in photography from the Valand Academy. Students from BA3 and MA2 show their individual work on four floors in the unique environment that Röda Sten Konsthall constitutes.

The education, which is the only one in Sweden at university level, revolves around photography as technology, tradition and idea. In an investigative and critical spirit, photographic works are created that both question and connect with tradition as well as present new images and statements to relate to. The Valand Academy is a complete education environment, with doctoral candidates and artistic research, giving bachelor and master students the possibility to take part of postgraduate research and seminars. This is not a Departure Hall consists of a visual part at Röda Sten Konsthall as well as in-depth text works on the website The students have also worked editorially with a catalogue that reflects their studies and degree theses.

You can listen to the opening via web radio here, starting 13.

Opening Program

12: Röda Sten Konsthall opens
13: Opening Speeches by Troels Degn Johansson, Annika von Hausswolff, Lasse Lindkvist and Mia Christersdotter Norman
13.30: "This is not a Radioshow", a conversation between Erika Lindahl, Johannes Wahlström, Lasse Lindkvist and Annika von Hausswolff
14.00-14.20: concert with Cecilie Penney

Participating Exhibitors

Kenny Bengtsson
Annasara Bjaaland
Åsa Båve
Oscar Collin
Fia Doepel
Camilla Fredin
Barthélémy Garcia
Elsa Gregersdotter
Eva-Teréz Gölin
Hallgerdur Hallgrímsdottir
Mette Hultesjö
Inga Linn Härdelin
Jenny Janlöv
Anna Sofia Jernryd
Anna Julkunen
Jonathan Lystbæk Jørgensen
Frederikke Krogh
Viktor Lindström
Ole Nesset
Anne Rantakylä
Carl Söderström
Jannis Tordheim
Tina Umer
Fanny Wallertz
Emma Williamson