2018.05.05 - 2018.05.05

The Saturday Workshop

Workshops every Saturday for children from 3 years old, together with an adult.

Do you like to create, build, experiment or explore with color and form? Then the Saturday Workshop is perfect for you! Here children and adults create together, side by side. We use the current exhibition as inspiration and try out different themes with different materials each week.

When? Drop in on Saturdays between 12:00-15:30.
The Saturday workshop is included in the entry fee to the exhibition.


A diorama is a constructed three-dimensional environment. It can be as big as a display at a natural history museum or small enough to fit in a shoebox. In this Saturday Workshop we will build our own worlds in dioramas!

Sand Art

Sand can feel warm under your feet on a summer day or be used to build castles in a sand box. However colored sand can also be used to created patterns and images! Sand painting is practiced in many parts of the world. Images made from sand are sometimes used in rituals or seen as power diagrams. In the Saturday Workshop we will try and make our own images of sand in different colors!

Fabrics and Pins

Sometimes it feels important for us as individuals to show who we are. What we think of a question or maybe what music you like. In this Saturday Workshop we will create fabric and pins that will express our individuality! Textiles can be made by painting, decorating, printing with potatoes, sewing or gluing sequins on to fabric. Our brands can then be attached with some small stitches or safety pins onto a sleeve or on the back of a jacket.

Impressions, Marks and Traces

A relief is a type of flat sculpture with patterns and images on them. In this Saturday workshop we will create sculptures shaped by marks and impressions!  Everything possible can be used to create a marks and traces including things like a small seal, a palm or even a toy car. Perhaps a Triceratops left a footstep several million years ago on your sculpture?