2018.03.07 - 2018.03.07


Visitors to art exhibition spend on average 15-20 seconds in front of a work of art – but is this enough to understand and appreciate the work?

We would like to invite you to experience what happens when you look slowly – welcome to Slow Art Days
The format is simple, we look in silence at a chosen work in the exhibition. Directly after, we will gather over a cup of tea to talk about the experience and what we’ve seen. Röda Sten Konsthall is arranging Slow Art Days as a pause from the stresses of everyday life and to make space in our unique exhibition hall for contemplation and tranquility. Regardless your previous experience or knowledge you have of art, here we will collectively give a work of art the time it deserves. 
Sign up to one of our four Slow Art Days by sending an email to es@rodastenkonsthall.se
We need your registration the day before the event. 
Limited space available. 
Slow Art Days will be arranged the following dates:
- Saturday, 3 March, 11 am-12 noon
- Wednesday, 7 March, 6-7 pm
- Wednesday, 28 March, 6-7 pm
- Saturday, 14 April, 11 am-12 noon
Slow Art Day is on Saturday. 14 April. Museums, galleries and art centers around the world arrange events that encourages the public to look at art slowly. The goal is both to give time for reflection and for relaxation, tranquility and meditation. 
Photo: Hendrik Zeitler