2019.02.09 - 2019.04.07

Ditte Ejlerskov - Can You Hear Me?

2019 will be a common year starting on a Tuesday. The United Nations General Assembly has designated 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. An early forecast anticipates mosquitoes’ buzz, a trip to Barbados, a laboratory of alchemic reactions, a biennial and an annular solar eclipse. We introduce the spring with two separate exhibitions.

Lured to Barbados by an email scam a few years back, Ditte Ejlerskov drifted around in Rihanna’s world looking for something, perhaps a myth? A muse? One day at her studio, long after her dreamy Barbados expedition, one of her paintings woke up and said to her: “Hi. You made me up, Ditte. I am no longer a representation of Rihanna. I am a myth you created in your head.” Can You Hear Me? is a series of paintings, an audiopiece, and a video work, that portray the artist’s self-critical reflections about white privilege, and the conflict in being critical of this position and gaze, yet living within it.

When? 9.2-7.4 2019
Image: The Muse by Ditte Ejlerskov at Kristiansand Kunsthall