Röda Sten Konsthall and Göteborg Landvetter Airport have collaborated since 2013 to commission artists from West Sweden to create two new artworks each year in the effort to promote Gothenburg’s exciting art scene. One work is on display at Göteborg Landvetter Airport and the other is here in the Lounge and Röda Sten Konsthall.  Visit Gate 16 at the airport next time you travel.

On display at Göteborg Landvetter Airport are paintings by Tomas Lundgren from the series Schaefer Expedition.

The title is taken from a German Expedition to Tibet in 1938 -1939. This trip photographed and documented people and communities encountered which were considered foreign and unknown. Tomas Lundgren has used photographs from this expedition as the foundation for these paintings.  His work often shows a darker side of history – slips or ethical violations that are sometimes performed in the name of science. 

Tomas Lundgren (b. 1985)
Tomas Lundgren is an artist based in Gothenburg. He holds a MA Fine Art from Akademin Valand, Gothenburg. Solo exhibitions include Moderna Museet Malmö, amongst others.
Visit Tomas Lundgren's website here.

Current artist

Tomas Lundgren

Previous artists

Mona Petersson


Merete Lassen & Mimmi Andersson

Carolina Falkholt